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Measure C Parcel Tax 

Measure C is a local funding measure for the Mendocino Coast Health Care District. Measure C was passed by local voters in the June 2018 Primary Election to ensure the continuity of essential health care in the remote communities on the Mendocino Coast. All revenue generated by Measure C must be dedicated to local health care facilities and services.

Each parcel within the Mendocino Coast Health Care District will be taxed $144 annually for 12 years, ending in 2030. The Measure C parcel tax will be levied by Mendocino County and included in annual property tax bills.

Measure C mandates an independent citizens’ oversight committee to annually review how MCHCD has spent Measure C revenue and to ensure that all Measure C funds are used for the projects and services approved by voters and are not used for administrator salaries, pensions or benefits.

The District would like to add two more members to the Measure C Oversight Committee. Interested individuals should contact Administrator Kathy Wylie at or (650) 587-7300, ext. 128.

Measure C Total Allocations, to dateMeasure C Finance Report 03/31/2024How to Apply for an Extension.pdfBallot Language
Measure C Oversight Committee 

The purpose of the Measure C Oversight Committee was established by the ballot language as follows: “In addition to the accountability measures required by law, if any, the District will establish an independent taxpayer oversight committee to provide oversight as to the expenditure of healthcare parcel tax revenues.” The committee meets regularly to ensure that expenditures comply with the specific language of the ballot measure, including limitations on its use.

Board liaisons to the committee are Sara Spring, Treasurer and Paul Garza, Chair


MemberRoleEmailTerm Expires
Jim HurstChairharbor2@mcn.org1/16/26
Dr. Diane Harris



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